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Compatibility Reading (40 mins Audio Recorded)

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*Due to high demand, the estimated delivery date for this type of reading is 27 May - 1 June 2022, not sooner. My services are non-refundable. 

One of the most sought-after astrology services I offer is the compatibility reading, looking into major natal, synastry and composite themes for two people. If you’re interested in finding out what are the areas of harmony and conflict between yourself and your partner (either business or romantic one), and want to know how to make the relationship work, this is the reading you’re after. For this, you need to know yours and the other person’s date, time and place of birth. 

 The 40-minutes long audio recorded reading will be sent to you as downloadable audio file in approximately 8 - 10 weeks’ time after the payment has been made. Delivery times may vary slightly, Rux will confirm to you via email the exact date when the reading will be ready.

IMPORTANT: After purchasing this service, please contact me using the form on the 'Contact' page and share the date, time, and city of birth for both of you.

All prices on the site are in £GBP (UK pounds) but you can make a purchase from anywhere in the world using your local card/ currency. When making the payment, the website will convert the payment from your local currency to £GBP automatically for you, so no additional action needs to be taken on your end.

All readings follow Western Tropical astrology. All my services are non-refundable.