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Love and Relationships Reading (35 Mins Audio Recorded)

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What type of partners/ experiences do you subconsciously attract in your love life? What are some of the major karmic lessons that relationships can teach you in this lifetime? How can you break challenging relationship patterns, according to your natal chart signatures? By understanding these better, you can make choices in your relationship that are more aligned to your soul's plan and Higher Self. I will analyse your houses of true love, marriage and partnerships, your Venus and Mars placement, any other significant aspects to take into account in order to live a more fulfilling love life, as well as share current and upcoming themes/ timings related to the area of partnerships in your life.

The 35-minutes long audio recorded  reading will be sent to you as downloadable audio file in approximately 4 - 6 weeks’ time after the payment has been made. Delivery times may vary slightly, Rux will confirm to you via email the exact date when the reading will be ready.

IMPORTANT: After purchasing this service, please contact me using the form on the 'Contact' page and share your date, time, city of birth, as well as any specific questions/ relevant context you may have for the reading.