Astrological Forecasting with Transits Online Course

Astrological Forecasting with Transits Online Course

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In this 5-part online course you will learn all the theoretical tools you need to build an astrological forecast for you or for others from scratch by using transits and solar returns.

What we will cover together in this approx. 12-hour long course:

  • What are transits, what can they tell us and how to use them in forecasting
  • Cycles and aspects of transiting planets
  • The meaning of transits aspecting natal planets and angles
  • The meaning of transits through the natal houses
  • Transits of transpersonal planets
  • Transits of social planets and Chiron
  • Transits of personal planets
  • Transits of the nodal axis
  • How to interpret the transits of slow vs. fast moving planets
  • Lunations and eclipses
  • Retrograde motion
  • Solar returns
  • How to build a forecast for the year ahead. Prioritization of transits
  • Intro to professional software for astrologers and how to use this for transits work
  • Ethical considerations in forecasting

As usual, there will also be examples illustrating what we learn, as well as Q&A sections for you to ask your questions live.

1. Who is this course for for?

This course is for you if you are an astrology student with a foundational understanding of natal chart interpretation, a solid grasp on the symbolism and meaning of planets, signs, houses, aspects in astrology, basic knowledge on how to use an ephemeris. This is not a course for beginners.

If you have completed my "Natal Chart Interpretation Masterclass" or a similar course in the past, this course is for you.

2. When do the 5 sessions of the online course take place live?

We will get together for approximately  2 - 2.5 hours over 5 separate days on the following:

  • 7 May (Saturday)
  • 14 May ( Saturday)
  • 21 May ( Saturday)
  • 28 May ( Saturday)
  • 29 May ( Sunday)

at 3:30pm UK time (GMT+1)/ 10:30am New York time (EDT).

All live sessions include a short break halfway through. All sessions will be recorded as well, so if you cannot make it live you can watch the recording of it at your leisure. All students who signed up for the course will receive the recording in the next 24 hourse after each live session.

3. What are the next steps after I purchase the course?

Once you make the payment online, you will receive an automated confirmation email with your order number. You will then later receive the Zoom details via email a few days before the course starts on 7 May 2022.

4. What technical equipment do I need to use to join the online classes?

The 5 sessions of the online course will be held online via Zoom and will be audio and video recorded. 

To join the 5 classes via Zoom, it is advisable to use a laptop/ computer. You don't have to download the Zoom app for this, you can simply copy and paste in your browser the link that will be sent to you via email a few days before the course starts. 

If you want to use a phone to join the classes, you will first need to download the Zoom app on your mobile. 

You do not need to turn your camera, you can join as an audio attendee only.

In the next 24 hours after each live class you will receive the video recording of the class so you can relisten/ rewatch as many times as you may need to.

5. Privacy policy

By purchasing this masterclass you agree to be part of an audio/ video call (video is optional, you do not need to turn your video camera on unless you want to) that will be recorded and shared with the other articipants to the call.

6. What if I can no longer join the live course sessions after I have made the purchase?

If you make the payment for the course but can no longer attend live, you will be sent after each live class in the next 24 hours the recording of the session. For example if you cannot attend live the class on 28 May, on 29 May you will receive the video recording of it.

No refunds will be made after you have purchased the course.

If you have any other questions, you can use the contact form on the website to send them through.

All prices on the site are in £GBP (UK pounds) but you can make a purchase from anywhere in the world using your local card/ currency. When making the payment, the website will convert the payment from your local currency to £GBP automatically for you, so no additional action needs to be taken on your end.