April 2020 Horoscope All Signs: A Crisis and a Rebirth Underway

April 2020 brings with it the first exact Jupiter/ Pluto conjunction of the year, a full Moon in Libra, a new Moon in Taurus and the beginning of Pluto's retrograde motion till October. What does April 2020 have in store for each zodiac sign? Make sure to listen to both your Sun sign and your rising sign.

Timestamps: Aries 5:30 Taurus 15:14 Gemini 22:21 Cancer 31:20 Leo 38:29 Virgo 46:24 Libra 53:41 Scorpio 1:02:27 Sagittarius 1:11:14 Capricorn 1:19:33 Aquarius 1:27:50 Pisces 1:35:02