FEBRUARY 2021 HOROSCOPE All Signs: Welcome to the Future!

February is chock-full of memorable astrological moments: a New Moon in Aquarius with no less than 6 planets in the Waterbearer's sign, Mercury retrograde, Saturn square Uranus exactly, and a Full Moon in Virgo. Watch the monthly update for both your Sun and risign sign. Timestamps for each sign: Aries 5:10 Taurus 15:44 Gemini 24:09 Cancer 33:56 Leo 44:16 Virgo 55:40 Libra 1:06:42 Scorpio 1:18:26 Sagittarius 1:28:45 Capricorn 1:39:29 Aquarius 1:48:38 Pisces 2:00:28