Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini 30 November All Signs Update

Astro-family, we are going into eclipse season once again! TIMESTAMPS🕜 General🌍- 4:55 Aries♈- 12:51 Taurus♉- 15:04 Gemini♊ 16:45 Cancer♋ 18:20 Leo♌- 20:35 Virgo♍- 23:10 Libra♎- 24:41 Scorpio♏- 26:40 Sagittarius♐- 27:50 Capricorn♑- 29:13 Aquarius♒- 30:43 Pisces♓- 32:39 The Full Moon Lunar eclipse at 8 degrees of Gemini is coming up on 30 November and it will be reflecting back on the themes that emerged in our lives around 22 May, when we had a New Moon in Gemini. Eclipses are astrology's 'breaking news' and mark major turning points in our lives (as well as on a collective level) when they activate our Sun, Moon or rising, as well as natal planetary placements.