Horoscope June 2020 All Signs: Eclipse Season is Back!

June kicks off eclipse season this year! 5 June brings a lunar eclipse in Sagittarius, Mercury goes retrograde on 18 June, and there is a Solat eclipse on 21 June in Cancer. What does June 2020 have in store for each zodiac sign? Make sure to listen to both your Sun sign and your rising sign.

Timestamps: Aries 3:01 Taurus 15:49 Gemini 25:03 Cancer 35:54 Leo 44:22 Virgo 55:21 Libra 1:05:17 Scorpio 1:17:41 Sagittarius 1:29:21 Capricorn 1:40:04 Aquarius 1:49:27 Pisces 2:01:20