November 2020 Monthly Horoscope All Signs

In November 2020, Mercury and Mars are ending their retrogrades, Jupiter and Pluto are coming together for the 3rd and final time this year, we have a Scorpio New Moon on 15 November, and the month ends with another eclipse in Gemini. Watch to find out how this month's transits are likely to be felt by your sign! Timestamps for each sign: Aries 6:28 Taurus 16:14 Gemini 25:50 Cancer 35:56 Leo 45:42 Virgo 57:21 Libra 1:07:10 Scorpio 1:17:17 Sagittarius 1:26:26 Capricorn 1:37:02 Aquarius 1:47:07 Pisces 1:57:41 All videos on my channel are based on Western Tropical astrology.