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12 Months Ahead Forecast Reading (50 Mins Audio Recorded)

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*Due to high demand, the estimated delivery date for this type of reading is 29 - 30 Jul, not sooner. My services are non-refundable. 

Want to know what the 12 months ahead have in store for you? Maybe you have a question around timing or want to figure out what part of your life your focus will be shifting towards in the months to come? The guidance and potential answers can come from an astrological forecast reading. In this type of reading I use a variety of techniques such as transits, annual profections, progressions and directions to poinpoint major upcoming themes in your life, what evolutionary chapter you will be finding yourself in, important timeframes throughout the year, how to make the most of the cosmic timing and opportunities, as well as better understand and mitigate potential challenges throughout the year.

The 50-minutes long audio recorded reading will be sent to you via email as downloadable audio file in approximately 7 - 9 weeks' time  after the payment has been made. Delivery times may vary slightly, Rux will confirm to you via email the exact date when the reading will be ready.

Astrology does not predict exact material manifestation since that would invalidate the existence of free will (we always have to option to choose what path we take), what astrology is able to shed light on is timings, areas of life that come to the forefront of our experience, karmic cycles and lessons, as well as your subjective experience of them (e.g. some transits are felt to be more 'pleasant', while others may feel more challenging or disruptive, but it's usually the latter that help us grow the most). I will however be giving you examples throughout the reading as to how the the various astrological aspects are likely to play out in your life in the year ahead. 

IMPORTANT: After purchasing this service, please contact me using the form on the 'Contact' page and share your date, time, city of birth, the city in which you spent your most recent/ upcoming birthday in, as well as any questions you may have. 

All prices on the site are in £GBP (UK pounds) but you can make a purchase from anywhere in the world using your local card/ currency. When making the payment, the website will convert the payment from your local currency to £GBP automatically for you, so no additional action needs to be taken on your end.  My services are non-refundable. 

All readings follow Western Tropical astrology and use the whole sign house system.